• Spiritual Healing Medium

    Spiritual Healing Medium

    Hi My name is Jeremy Cobb and I am a Spiritual Healing Medium.

    There are several ways that Healing can happen. This depends on whether you can see me and of course if you wish to see me professionally or via one the voluntary groups I attend. If you wish to know more about these then please do have a look around this site. I am also happy to offer absent healing to anyone who wishes it free of charge. Click on the appropriate links below for more information, to book a session or to register yourself on my lists.

Contact Healing

Contact healing is the type of healing of which you are most likely to be aware. In this practice the patient sits in a chair or lies on a couch.The medium touches the patient with thier hands usually as close to the problem area as modesty allows. Then using their mediumistic ability they also create […]

Absent Healing

Absent Healing is where the patient is not present in the same physical location as the healing medium. Strange though this may seem Spirit are still very capable of creating some significant effects for those who are in need with this method. Techniques vary but for me I have found the best results to be […]

Remote and Proxy Healing

Remote healing is where a patient does not want or cannot be for what ever reason touched. However the patient is in reasonably close proximity to the medium. Usually this healing is very similar to contact healing with only the actual touch element removed. under these circumstances the medium effects the best link they can […]