Participation Statement

Contact healing involves the Healing Medium making physical contact with you the patient. You understand that this is the case and accept this as a necessary part of the session. If there are any areas of the body that you do not want touched you MUST state this prior to the commencement of any session. That said no medium will touch any sensitive or personal area of the body. These are normally deemed to be the lower abdomend and groin, Breasts and inner thighs.

Non contact Healing will not involve any contact of any kind with the patient at all. However the nature of spiritual energy is such that it should be understood that the “feeling” of contact can sometimes be felt even under these circumstances. For this and contact healing therefore if the patient is in any doubt whatsoever of their personal comfort in this regard they must bring with them a witness to observe the healing event to confirm what transpires during the session.

In any event where Deep Trance Healing is intended absolutely nothing will be attempted at all without the prescence of a witness. Jeremy Cobb cannot guarantee to provide such a witness to all sessions as such the patient should check in advance or bring their own witness with them.

All sessions may be cancelled with no less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation. At that time the full session fee will be charged.

It is critical that you understand that as with any energy based healing the results are not guaranteed and that prior to any sitting with me or any other healing medium you should fully understand the conditions of a sitting and what is expected. If you are in any doubt then please ASK FIRST. I cannot and will not be held responsible for something I was not aware of or could not address because of this. All patients should also be familiar with and agree to my Terms and Disclaimers too prior to any booking or sitting.

Where the patient is considered vulnerable or is a minor the parent or guardian or responsible medical body must give signed approval for treatment in advance.
Where the patient is pregnant the patient must bring with them a signed approval from the covering midwife.

It is understood that both the healing hanky and the healing bear carry no more guarantee than any other form of healing mediumship and any purchase of such an item is acceptance of this.