If I am just that bit too far to travel to or spiritual help alone is not all you need then here are few helpful links. Then I have assembled a group of like minded types who can provide one or more of the services I do that might be a little more local for you. Email me with your location and I will try to find you someone local.

If you are interested in Spiritualism as a faith then you can find much more information about it via the SNU website

if you wish to learn more online and attend online courses about mediumship etc then the SNUi is for you They also have a facebook page here.

If you wish find my hypnotherapy site the it is

If you wish to lose weight and never diet again through the Hypnoslimmer system with me then go here

if you wish to find my blog it is

if you wish to learn how to present to the public better and with more confidence then go here