My Values

My Values

Want to Change brings Life Freedom to its clients so that they can live however they wish by creating positive change.

We do this by making available to our clients approved therapeutic techniques and applying the most appropriate ones to each individual.

Currently we provide Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Personal Coaching and Spiritual Healing as potential options to fulfil our aims. Any of these techniques could be used for any of our clients but we would only use the most appropriate technique at any given time.

Jeremy works to strong personal values. Without these he firmly believes it would be easy for any business owner to lose track of why they “left the rat race” and wanted to start a company of their own in the first place. So here are the values and standards he works to.

My overriding Value is Balance.

There should be Balance in all things and especially in all of the other values I have. So, none of my other six values should dominate my company, my time or my emotions. Only in this way will I maintain the company I wish to and remain the person I wish to be for those around me.

  • Have Fun – Everything I do should be fun for me and those I work with. If it is not then I will stop this work and do something else in as reasonable way as I can.
  • Absolute Integrity – I cannot work in an environment where I am not trusted as a responsible, capable person. So, I will do all I can to be that person in everything I do. I will expect this respect from those I deal with as a result.
  • Be a Giver – My work, goals and aims are to make a difference to others; I will do this without judgement of their position, goals or aims. I will always treat them with honour and respect. In this way I will make the greatest difference to those I work with, empowering them to new heights and freedoms.
  • Personal Awareness – I will ensure that the work I do is sustainable, financially, physically and spiritually. That it maintains my inner harmony and allows me time for personal development. This I believe will feed my personal motivations and empowerment.
  • Quality – I will work to high standards that will get me recognised in my communities.
  • Spirituality – I will acknowledge and recognise the spiritual side of me and those I work with. I will connect on an intellectual and spiritual level to ensure that my work is always in harmony with the spirituality of my clients.