Remote and Proxy Healing

Remote healing is where a patient does not want or cannot be for what ever reason touched. However the patient is in reasonably close proximity to the medium. Usually this healing is very similar to contact healing with only the actual touch element removed. under these circumstances the medium effects the best link they can with the patient without touching them and then continues in all other respects in exactly the same way as contact healing.

It should be understood that patients can be very convinced that they feel touch during these sessions as the energy can feel very similar to this. If this is going to disturb or upset you then I highly recommend a witness be present to assure you what does and does not take place.

Proxy Sitting is where the patient is absent but a person known to that patient is sat in the chair for them. The empathic link that person has for the patient effectively extends the contact the medium would normally make and allows for some really quite effective results. Sometimes as effective as any other method. This can be used where patients are too remote or too ill to attend a normal healing session.

N.B. It is critical that you understand that as with any energy based healing the results are not guaranteed and that prior to any sitting or other request for assistance with me or any other healing medium, regardless of the methodology used, you should fully understand the conditions and limitations of that. For this information please go to my terms and disclaimers page and Participation Statement both found at the bottom right hand side in the yellow section.