Deep Trance Healing

Deep Trance Healing is in effect a form of contact healing. It differs only in what the medium does once they have started. However because of this change of state there are a few things that are advised when a trance healing takes place.

For Deep Trance Healing the medium attempts to create the very best connection with spirit they possibly can. The best way to achieve this is to go into a trance state, a state of extreme mental quiet and passivity. The idea is that the better the link with spirit the better the result we will get from the healing itself. Certainly this is bourne out in the body of evidence that is being gathered by those that do this.

However because the mediums normal mental state is so quiet they are unable to easily respond to things happening in the room in the normal way. It is like they are hypnotised and so can’t do much else, although the mental state is quite different. Given the patient themselves often feel very sleepy and/or even energies around their body, it is for these reasons that ABSOLUTELY NO trance healing will be done by any responsible medium without a witness. This is simply so that a third person can verify what is happening or happened during the healing. The good news is that the witness often gets some benefits too.

On extremely rare occasions the spirit friends involved may even speak directly with the patient through the mouth of the medium, for more information see trance speaking in other services. If however any of this is likely to upset you or scare you, not that it should, then I can only advise that you speak with me first. If you are in any way unhappy then do not book this kind of session.

I am able to book Trance Healing sessions privately at my home. To have one of these sessions booked you MUST bring a witness with you. If you do not I will immediately cancel the session, if you do this on the day I will charge for my wasted time. If you absolutely cannot arrange a witness of your own then inform me in advance, I may be able to arrange one of my own. This is not however guaranteed.

Trance Sessions are usually one hour from start to finish with the actual healing event usually of 20-30 minutes. However I do not dictate the length of the session so again please read very carefully my terms and conditions prior to visiting me. Once again even for Trance healing session results cannot be guaranteed, just hoped for.

N.B. It is critical that you understand that as with any energy based healing the results are not guaranteed and that prior to any sitting or other request for assistance with me or any other healing medium, regardless of the methodology used, you should fully understand the conditions and limitations of that. For this information please go to my terms and disclaimers page and Participation Statement both found at the bottom right hand side in the yellow section.