The Healing Teddy Bear

Just like the Healing Hanky except for the young the Healing Teddy Bear is I must say just lovely. There are too many children out there who are suffering from sickness and pain. So if just one of my Teddys helps just one child I will consider it worth all the time it takes.

So if you know a child who is suffering then send me their name, a photo and a set of conditions or symptoms please with the payment. I will spend as much time as spirit require to create a connection between spirit and the patient through the Teddy.

I wish I could guarantee you results, I can’t. If you in any way feel this is exploitation then please do not purchase these items. They are honestly made and sent to you with all the love and skill I have with every one. Not only am I making very little profit off each Teddy but I am also sending a donation for every Teddy to Children in Need. This may not add up to much but I want you to understand that this is not about the money. See my terms and Conditions for more details

I truly wish all of you who are suffering because you know a child who is sick all the very best and I hope with all my heart that what I do here makes a difference. If not I hope that something else does.

As ever please send me feedback good and bad I always love to hear from you.

N.B. It is critical that you understand that as with any energy based healing the results are not guaranteed and that prior to any sitting or other request for assistance with me or any other healing medium, regardless of the methodology used, you should fully understand the conditions and limitations of that. For this information please go to my terms and disclaimers page and Participation Statement both found at the bottom right hand side in the yellow section.