Trance Mediumship (for speaking)

After over 7 years of practice I am now a reasonably accomplished Trance Medium for speech. I do not yet publicly demonstrate this but am just starting to consider that this may be possible in the right circumstances.

Trance speaking is where the medium develops a link with their spirit friends that is so close and so trusting that they allow the spirit friends to use their body directly to speak to those present.

This is not possession, quite the opposite. It is incredibly difficult not to “reject” the impressing spirit altogether and in fact a one hour speaking session is a constant test of a bond of friendship that is profoundly close in nature.

What the spirit friends talk about is entirely up to them. Generally it is philisophical in nature and when the connection is good it seems to resonate with all present.

Like any connection with spirit though it is influenced by the medium to a lesser or greater extent so it is important to be honest about where we feel it was good and where it was not so. It is for this reason that I have not yet publicly demonstrated and will not until I am confident that the words are mostly spirit and worth listening to.

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