About Me

Jeremy is by profession a Hypnotherapist and runs his practice, Want to Change, out of his home in Oldham. He has for many years also been a spiritualist and a practicing trance medium, especially for healing. For this reason he is happy to see you privately for a healing session rather than a hypnotherapy session.

The ethic of his practice is to effect positive change in the people who come into contact with him. As such Jeremy spends some of his time every week learning new skills to improve his assistance for you the clients and some time volunteering as well. It is believed that this keeps him in touch with his clients and their real needs and ensures he is providing the best possible treatment and the best possible advice he can for you.

Finally Jeremy will never knowingly give unecessary treatment. If you are fixed he will be the first to celebrate with you and will not want you to “darken his door” again! He truly believes this is the only honest way to deal with people in a healing environment. Of course he wants to make a living but always as a result of bringing about positive change in the lives of the people he treats by whatever method is chosen.

So in the case of healing, if for any reason Jeremy feels it is not working that day, he will give you your money back there and then. It happens sometimes. If you are not happy in the first 5-10 minutes of the healing then you can say so and not pay and walk away. He can’t say fairer than that. Just don’t cancel last minute or don’t turn up please.