Contact Healing

Contact healing is the type of healing of which you are most likely to be aware. In this practice the patient sits in a chair or lies on a couch.The medium touches the patient with thier hands usually as close to the problem area as modesty allows. Then using their mediumistic ability they also create a link with those spirit friends they work with for this purpose.

Those Spirit friends then send energy to the patient through the medium to effect a positive change to whatever conditions the patient may be suffering from. The patient need do nothing at all, they do not even have to believe in the process, this is not faith healing. They just relax and enjoy the usually positive feelings of relaxation that come from this experience.

I of course always strive for the best possible results I can for every patient I see, but anyone who promises you definite results is likely a fraud, whatever walk of life they come from. I also believe that they should not be charging more than a reasonable living for the time they give you, as compared to any other form of private therapy. Not even our doctors’ cures come with guarantees. So please be careful and always check before you commit to any healing event what you are committing to.

Some mediums have perfected such strong links with their friends in spirit that the healing contact they make can take the medium into a trance state. This is often to referred to as Deep Trance healing but is in effect still contact healing. I am one of those healers and I strive with every session I do to improve this link and in so doing improve the energy that gets to the patient. This state is however restrictedto private sessions only, so you will only experience this if you book private sittings with me. These I can do now if you are interested and more information on these can be found here.

N.B. It is critical that you understand that as with any energy based healing the results are not guaranteed and that prior to any sitting or other request for assistance with me or any other healing medium, regardless of the methodology used, you should fully understand the conditions and limitations of that. For this information please go to my terms and disclaimers page and Participation Statement both found at the bottom right hand side in the yellow section.